Grill Certification Annually

The Grill Certification Annually is used to ensure grill reliability, food safety, and food quality by performing this annual grill certification. Only qualified technicians are allowed to perform the procedure and evaluate the equipment.

Grill Certification Annually

52 steps
The Grill Certification Annually is used to ensure grill reliability, food safety, and food quality by performing this annual grill certification. Only qualified technicians are allowed to perform the procedure and evaluate the equipment.
  • Grill Certification Annually GR 3 A1-T

  • Why

  • Maintenance of: grill reliability, food safety and food quality

  • Time required

  • Time of day

  • Hazard icons

  • Tools and supplies

  • Procedure


  • 1 SAFETY EVALUATION – Electrical

  • 1. Check and confirm condition of power cord, receptacle, and all internal electrical connections

  • 2. Ensure that incoming voltage is correct and matches data plate.

  • 3. Check for damage and/or wear of receptacle and power cord.

  • 4. Disassemble power cord plug(s). Inspect and retighten terminal connections.

  • 5. Check and tighten all connections on terminal blocks and controls.

  • 6. Check all connector plugs for tightness and connections.

  • 7. Check (upper and lower) thermocouples for tightness of connection and proper seating.

  • 2 SAFETY EVALUATION – Mechanical

  • 1. Confirm the SAFETY/WARNING stickers are in place and visible (P/N 4522374)

  • 2. Confirm Lock Pin Spacer kit (P/N CK02-514) is installed (9501 Models ONLY)

  • 3. GAS ONLY – Inspect flue box gasket and hood seal for damage or wear.

  • 4. Ensure the linear actuator stop limit switches (or bracket 9501 models) are correctly set.

  • 5. Confirm Element Enhancement Kits are installed on Serial Numbers PRIOR to 0404 (ELEC 9501 ONLY)

  • 3 MECHANICAL INSPECTION – Grill Pulled Out From Exhaust Hood

  • 1. Inspect / Clean interior and rear of unit for general cleanliness and condition.

  • 2. General inspection for grease migration.

  • 3. Check flue box condition and clean as necessary.

  • 4. Inspect upper platen wiring, insulation & shoulder bolts

  • 5. Replace upper platen cover gaskets (REQUIRED FOR CERTIFICATION)

  • 6. Replace upper platen arm cover gaskets (REQUIRED FOR CERTIFICATION) M(E/G)- (1P, 2P and 3PX) models.

  • 7. Check upper platen conduit for damage, wear, & tightness

  • 8. Check upper platen wire harness for deterioration and/or damage. Replace as necessary

  • 9. Check and clean upper and lower limit switches.

  • 10. Inspect / clean / lubricate shafts and bushing blocks

  • 11. Inspect and replace shaft seals (REQUIRED FOR CERTIFICATION)

  • 4 MECHANICAL INSPECTION – Grill Pushed Back Into Exhaust Hood

  • 1. Verify hood fan is energized when grill switch turned on (Country Specific) Controller Software / Chip Version

  • 2. Check for proper activation of pushbutton switches on raising / lowering of platens. NOTE: Complete the following for GAS Clamshells ONLY.

  • 3. Verify or Install new gas lines have been installed 3P Grills

  • 4. Verify correct incoming gas pressure for type of gas.

  • 5. Verify correct burner manifold pressure and adjust as necessary.

  • 6. Check / verify & adjust if needed proper uA (1.0 – 1.4 typical)

  • 7. Check Ignition cables for signs of overheating, and deterioration.

  • 8. Check for abnormal fan noise, air leakage, or inconsistent burner operation

  • 9. Perform a temperature calibration of all zones and adjust as necessary (Teflon “OFF”).

  • 10. Stores pyrometer operational. Calibrate with ice bath method

  • 11. Teflon sheets & clips available and in usable condition.

  • 12. Calibrate all zones and adjust if necessary

  • 13. Level Platen / Calibrate Reed Switches (If applicable) / Perform Auto calibration (If applicable)

  • 14. Check grill plate and platen are free of carbon buildup and cleaned

  • 15. Ensure Gap Calibration is set to “0” prior to leveling platen

  • 16. Perform Platen leveling (9501 – GAP CALIBRATION | 3W – LEVEL REED SW)

  • 17. Perform Auto calibration (3W MODELS ONLY) – Record final results


  • 1. Perform operation checks with store personnel and training as necessary (Operations vary by grill type & model)

  • 2. Menu Select | Function | Arrow buttons | Prog

  • 3. 9501 Models

  • 4. On/Off | Arrow Buttons | Temp | Clock | Prog

  • 5. MWE3W / MWG3W Models

  • 6. M(E/G)-(1P, 2P and 3PX) models.


  • 1. Check all product gap settings and adjust to McDonalds cooking specifications

  • 2. Ensure multi-stage gapping is enabled and properly programmed for 10:1 and 4:1 patties

  • 3. Perform Beef Integrity per McDonalds cooking specifications. Record final results.

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