Low Profile Tubular Propeller Unit Heater - General Maintenance


Low Profile Tubular Propeller Unit Heater - General Maintenance

    Note: The heater and vent system should be checked once a year by a qualified technician.

    WARNING: Open all disconnect switches and disconnect all electrical and gas supplies and secure in that position before servicing unit. Failure to do so may result in personal injury or death from electrical shock.

    WARNING: Gas tightness of the safety shut-off valves must be checked on at least an annual basis.

    WARNING: Under no circumstances should combustible material be located within the clearances specified in this manual. Failure to provide proper clearance could result in personal injury or equipment damage from fire.

    To check gas tightness of the safety shut-off valves, turn off the manual valve upstream of the appliance combination control. Remove the 3/32 hex head plug on the inlet side of the combination control and connect a manometer to that tapping.

    Turn the manual valve on to apply pressure to the combination control. Note the pressure reading on the manometer, then turn the valve off.

    A loss of pressure indicates a leak. If a leak is detected, use a soap solution to check all threaded connections. If no leak is found, combination control is faulty and must be replaced before putting appliance back in service.

    Should maintenance be required, perform the following inspection and service routine:

    Check lubrication instructions on motor. If oiling is required, add 1 or 2 drops of electric motor oil as follows:

    Check and test the operational functions of all safety devices supplied with your unit.

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    CAUTION: Never over oil the motor or premature failure may occur!

Source: Trane

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