Generac Diesel Generators MMG35FHD: Engine and Generator Maintenance (Isuzu Engine)


Generac Diesel Generators MMG35FHD: Engine and Generator Maintenance (Isuzu Engine)

    Check the engine oil level daily before starting the engine. DO NOT start the generator if the oil level is below the “ADD” mark on the dipstick. The normal operating level for the engine oil is anywhere in the crosshatch pattern between the “FULL” and “ADD” markings. Add oil to the engine only if the level is below the “ADD” mark on the bottom of the crosshatch pattern. DO NOT OVERFILL the crankcase. Consult the engine operator’s manual for the proper grade of oil, including special operating conditions su

    Check the coolant level daily. The coolant is checked by visually inspecting the level in the coolant overflow jug, located near the radiator. The normal operating level is anywhere between the “FULL” and ‘ADD’ markings on the overflow jug, with the optimum level noted as “NORMAL RANGE”. Coolant may be added directly to the overflow jug WHEN THE ENGINE IS STOPPED AND COMPLETELY COOL. Consult the engine operator’s manual for coolant recommendations and proper mixture.

    Check the condition of the air filter by viewing the level of vacuum draw on the filter minder gauge. Replace the air filter when the yellow center bar reaches the red section on the gauge (20 in. H20).

    Poorly maintained equipment can become a safety hazard! In order for the equipment to operate safely and properly over a long period of time, periodic maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary. NEVER perform even routine service (oil/filter changes, cleaning, etc.) unless all electrical components are shut off.

    When servicing this equipment always follow the instructions listed below.

Source: Generac

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