Lockout Tagout Procedure Inspection Requirements

This procedure checklist is to protect employees from injuries while servicing and maintaining equipment.

Lockout Tagout Procedure Inspection Requirements

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This procedure checklist is to protect employees from injuries while servicing and maintaining equipment.
  • Note: If you have any LOTO procedures that are used less than once a year, then you only need to inspect that procedure when used. For example, if maintenance is required every 3 years on a machine and LOTO is required to perform the maintenance, then perform the inspection at the same time as the maintenance and document the inspection.

  • Every LOTO inspection must include:

  • Each procedure that the organization has in place must be inspected separately, but they do not all need to be inspected at the same time.

  • CLARIFICATION: A single procedure may include more than one machine or equipment. For example, if a plant has several machines that are similar and utilize the same or similar types of control measures, then one inspection on one LOTO procedure on one machine may be adequate for the annual inspection.

  • IMPORTANT: The inspector can NOT be the same person using the LOTO procedure during the inspection. Clarification: There must be at least two competent, authorized persons present during any LOTO inspection. One is the inspector and the second is the authorized person following the LOTO procedure.

  • The goal of every LOTO inspection is to determine these three things:

  • IMPORTANT: For step 2, it is important to also review the employees who are not directly responsible for conducting the LOTO procedure but may be in the vicinity. All employees must know what LOTO means and what they should do if they encounter LOTO devices or signs while on the job.

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