Foundation™ Rooftop Units: Periodical Maintenance

This procedure is for the periodic maintenance of your equipment. It focuses on Fan Belt Adjustments.

Foundation™ Rooftop Units: Periodical Maintenance

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This procedure is for the periodic maintenance of your equipment. It focuses on Fan Belt Adjustments.
  • Maintenance

  • Make sure all personnel are standing clear of the unit before proceeding. The system components will start when the power is applied.

  • Fan Belt Adjustment-Belt Drive Units


  • Rotating Components!

  • Failure to disconnect power before servicing could result in rotating components cutting and slashing technician which could result in death or serious injury.

  • Disconnect all electric power, including remote disconnects before servicing. Follow proper lockout/tagout procedures to ensure the power can not be inadvertently energized.

  • The fan belts must be inspected periodically to assure proper unit operation. Replacement is necessary if the belts appear frayed or worn. Units with dual belts require a matched set of belts to ensure equal belt length.

  • When removing or installing the new belts, do not stretch them over the sheaves. Loosen the belts using the belt tension adjustment bolts on the motor mounting base.

  • Once the new belts are installed, using a Browning or Gates tension gauge (or equivalent), adjust the belt tension as follows:

  • TABLE 16

  • TABLE 17

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