Daikin Destiny Commercial Indoor Air Handler MD4 VFD: Every 3 Years Maintenance


Daikin Destiny Commercial Indoor Air Handler MD4 VFD: Every 3 Years Maintenance



    Cooling Fan

    The drive’s cooling fan has a life span of minimum 25 000 operating hours. The actual life span depends on the drive usage and ambient temperature.

    When the Assistant Control Panel is in use, the Notice Handler Assistant informs when the definable value of the operating hour counter is reached (see parameter 2901 COOLING FAN TRIG). This information can also be passed to the relay output (see parameter 1401 RELAY OUTPUT 1) regardless of the used panel type.

    Fan failure can be predicted by the increasing noise from the fan bearings. If the drive is operated in a critical part of a process, fan replacement is recommended once these symptoms start appearing. Replacement fans are available from ABB. Do not use other than Daikin specified spare parts.

    Replacing the Cooling Fan (frame sizes R1…R4)

    Only frame sizes R1…R4 include a fan; frame size R0 has natural cooling.

    Replacing the Cooling Fan:

Source: Daikin

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