Setting up a Fleet Account (AZ)

This checklist shows you how to set up a fleet account.

Setting up a Fleet Account (AZ)

This checklist shows you how to set up a fleet account.

    Setting up a House Account.

    Prep Work

    1) Create a new folder in the Fleet & House Account folder on the NETSERVER for the new account,

    2) Send the fleet template and account application and have the new account fill it out.

    Account Scaffolding

    1) Open Site Manager

    A) If it's Maricopa related, put in Categories -> Fleet -> Maricopa County -> Accounts#-Account name

    3) Create the new Club Plan related to this account.

    4) Create the group for the Fleet Account

    5) Create the related items for the new club plan.

    A) Duplicate from a seller

    B) Duplicate from a redeem pack

    ~Include the redeem pack in the Wash Term Promo Pkg.

    6) Create the new Auto Items package.

    E) Auto Package Edits

    F) XPT Auto Package Edits

    7) Create the new House Account using the info from the application

    C) Set Name

    Importing the Account's Vehicle Information

    1) Open the import file with the account vehicle information and add...

    2) Save the file and then save it again as a csv in the account's folder.

    4) Open the file in Notepad++

    6) Transfer the txt file to queryserver

    7) Run ImportCCT

    12) On the next page, for any rows that do not have a green SiteWatch Target Field, select a matching field in SiteWatch for our columns data.

    15) If you mapped import fields for make model, you may get a message here, click next.

    Account Customizations

    Received on Account

    To receive these funds on the account...


    If an account wishes to restrict the services that are allowed to be charged to the account, it will be notated on the fleet account application.


    Example Detail Additional Item

    3) Find the currently active Large SUV Hand Wash

    4) Right click and duplicate the item, renaming it to Account#-Service type or 0002-Hand Wash

    6) Create new categories under the fleet account's folder that mimic the path in the consumer priced items.

    3) Find the current active FS Lube Pkg

    8) Duplicate all our items we selected and rename Account#-FS Lube XXXX

    Create a terminal page button.

    Assign the Vehicles to the House Account

    3) Click Add Filter

    4) Click Add Filter

    Activate the Vehicles' Club Plan

    10) Pull that same account up again and this time it should come with the automatic items

Source: Cobblestone (Community Member)

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