American Federation of Teachers: COVID-19 Planning Checklist For Individuals and Families


American Federation of Teachers: COVID-19 Planning Checklist For Individuals and Families

    The single best thing you can do to avoid getting any virus is to wash your hands. Wash frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer until you can get to a place where you can wash your hands properly.

    A pandemic may cause widespread social and economic disruption. Services provided by government agencies, public utilities, stores, the post office and other businesses may be limited. Transportation services may be disrupted, and schools may be closed.

    It may be difficult or impossible to work during a pandemic. Find out if you can work from home, and ask your employer if it has a plan in place. You should plan for a possible reduction in income if you are unable to work or if your workplace closes.

    A pandemic could overwhelm the healthcare system. High numbers of ill people during a severe pandemic will put enormous pressure on our healthcare system.

    Prepare to follow instructions from your healthcare provider and public health officials about how to obtain medical advice and receive care.

    There are simple steps you can take to prepare for a pandemic. Here is a checklist for individuals and families.

    At Home:


    At Work:

    In Your Community:

    Be sure to check out our COVID-19 toolkit for more information about the coronavirus and how to protect your workplaces and members.

    For additional information, contact Amy Bahruth with AFT Nurses and Health Professionals at 202-879-4731,

    Find these resources and more at

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