August 9, 2019


What Does “Mobile-First” Work Order Software Mean?

What Does “Mobile-First” Work Order Software Mean?

We refer to MaintainX as ‘mobile-first’ because the software and product were designed from the ground up with mobile applications in mind. This means we focused on a user-friendly interface, blazing fast performance speed and building a communication hub for your team.

The biggest problem with existing solutions on the market was directly related to the complexity of using the CMMS and workflow software while out in the field. That’s where MaintainX comes in.

We spoke with a facility manager from a prominent hospitality company who said his team operated the 2nd best property out of 1000+ with only 26% of their work orders being reported in their CMMS. He said the technicians had limited patience to learn clunky software and he ultimately decided to pick his battles and be happy that ‘at least they got their jobs done’.

Why are so many existing solutions so far behind?

Most enterprise software on the market was created at a time when desktop computers were the primary computing source for businesses. While it’s hard to imagine a world without people glued to their smartphones today, this mobile-centric world started only 11 years ago. Even still, it took the United States 10 years to pass 90% smartphone market penetration. Suffice to say, until recently – it didn’t make sense for most businesses to invest in mobile-centric software, despite the fact that 80% of the average US worker’s time is spent away from their desk.

A new day is coming.

“New computing platforms such as smartphones, wearables and drones are ideally suited to the needs of deskless workers. They are powerful and programmable just like the computing devices deskbound workers use. They are also highly portable which makes them a perfect fit for deskless environments. Companies with many deskless workers are beginning to see that great technology can be as important to this part of the workforce as it is to the rest of their employees.” The Rise of the Deskless Workforce, Emergence Capital. 2018.

While it might not seem like a significant difference, a mobile-first platform brings tremendous advantages to companies of all sizes. Your team can become more nimble and efficient – no more time wasted going back to their desk to punch in numbers from their checklists and forms, no wondering what to do next and management receives transparent oversight of field teams of any size in real time.

The advantages of a work order management mobile system become clear:

  • On-site access to photos of a problem
  • Ability to share photos and comments for collaboration or clarification
  • Real-time notifications for high priority issues on-the-go

Fear not, for those who rely on desktop software to monitor their team, we’ve built a beautiful, clean desktop experience that syncs instantly with your field team’s mobile devices.

Bring your workforce into 2019. Bring them into the mobile revolution. Bring them MaintainX.

MaintainX Editorial Team
MaintainX Editorial Team
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